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Gotta tell ya… Really stoked that Starbucks has free wifi. What do you think?  Traveler?  Web power user?  UGC Elite?  If so, you totally get the magnitude.  One’s thing Fo Sho – the joints are hoppin again.  And how much did it cost?  What’s the ROI?  Curious on your take… Btw, as I type up this post at the Starbucks at Union Square in NYC, as he hands out every creation, the barista whimsically says “___name___, thank you.  If it’s not perfect, let me know.  Have a great day…”

I started using Foursquare on this trip.  Hoping to get the hang of it in the next few months.  Any comments or suggestions?

Took delivery of a Droid Incredible last week.  I’m running so hard right now, it’s hard to get up to speed on how to leverage it.  But I’ll be taking time.  So far, I’ve gotten some glimpes of why it’s called a SmartPhone.  I’ve taken an intuitive guess on a couple things, and Bang! – that’s how it worked.  Example: I got a text message and wanted to call the sender – Yup.  I needed to call a contact but didn’t have his cell #.  Found him on Facebook.  Went to his Info.  Called his cell.  Got him.  Closed the loop on something.  Added him to Google Contacts.  Good to go.  Took a 8 megapixel photo in low light and uploaded it to Facebook.  I know this is going to rock.  And only $99.  Cool.  Oh yeah – and it’s light.

Tweetdeck is my favorite tool right now.  So easy to use.  On demand, like a helicopter, it drops me right into the middle of any conversation I desire.  Such a fantastic research and listening tool – to all my networks in one interface – not to mention easy updating the networks from spot.  If you’re frustrated with Twitter or not using it at all, really encourage you to reach out to me.  Happy to teach you how to get in the conversation, or at a bare minimum use it for research.  Twitter will tie you into a whole new world – one of transparency, innovation, and freshness.  Try this: for 3 months, dump 90% of your mainstream media consumption – retain the top 10%, cut the rest.  Take some of that time and “listen” to Twitter via Tweetdeck.  Pick up how it works, how people are communicating, what they’re sharing, hashtags, links, retweets, follow fridays, integration with blogs and linkedin.  Promise you – You’ll thank me for it.

Yep, the popularity is growing for Web 2.0 in insurance.  I’ll go further than that.  With the onset of Smartphones and iPads, I say it’s hit critical mass and is exploding.  And for VERY good reasons.  Man, if you’re a marketer or sales guy, help me understand why you are NOT focused on Web 2.0?  Know this – every day that goes by that you are not generating some kind of content or footprint in the space is a day lost that you will not get back.  “I know I should…” or “I shoulda…” are words that will haunt relative to Web 2.0 and SocialTech.  I’m happy to help.  It’s not time consuming or expensive – IF you do it right and have someone coaching you.

Tips and Tricks?  Everyone always wants one or two when they talk with me.  Here’s one: Use Mozilla for your browser.  Dump IE like the plague.  If you have Favorites to transfer, no problem.  Why?  Speed, efficiency, nimbility, user interface, passwords, remembering data for common forms like name and address fields.  SO much better.  Oh yeah – and virus security, pop-ups, flash block, etc.  What do you think?  One other thing – When your browser opens up, what pages automatically load?  Do you have several tabs load at once so you can quickly check in across your social networks?  You can set that up in your browser preferences – save you gobs of time.

Looking forward to speaking at the KAIA Meeting in K.C. in October.  They are giving me 2 hours to download SocialTech to an audience of about 200 KS, MO, and NE agents.  I guess they liked me last year.  So much has happened in the meantime.  I hope the folks come ready for an avalanche of information.  In fact, I think I’ll start with that move clip from Vertical Limit where the guys turns to the camera and yells “AVALANCHE!!!!!”

B2B Case Studies re SocialTech, Sales and Marketing, and ROI.  But here’s the real question: This stuff is practically free.  And if you know what you are doing, extremely efficient.  I’m here to help you.  And there’s plenty of people like me more than happy to help.  Curious on your rationale for NOT doing Social and sales.  Socially Facilitated Selling – it’s where it’s at.  Move.

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