“Socially Directed Buying”

- The B2C Holy Grail!?!?!

PIMA Attendees: Are you looking for Revenue??? How much revenue did you get from Social Media Marketing last month?  In 2010?  How much time, talent, and funds did you allocate to Social Media Marketing?  Did you know that marketers of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, B2C, B2B, etc., are seeing some really good results from Social - in the midst of the economic climate?  I’ll show you a few in the limited time I have.  Put on your thinking cap and connect the dots for how this applies “to my business”.  Plenty of opportunity and potential IF you do it right – as always.

PIMA 2010 Midyear Meeting
Unofficial Educational Session

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Saturday 7/17
Conant Room, Landsdowne Resort

I. First things first – Monitoring, Control, and Compliance

II. 4 Marketing Strategies using Social Technologies

  1. Viral Marketing
  2. Viral Video
  3. e-Word-of-Mouth
  4. Revenue on Demand

III. Measuring Results

Promoted via Social Tech and Word of Mouth only

Teasers: What are these brands doing, Why, and the Results.


JetBlue, IBM, Nokia

American Family


Btw, I shot my first official wedding last weekend.  See the pics HERE.

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