As I cruised through the crowd at the PIMA 2010 MidYear Meeting looking for new faces to introduce myself to, I ran across a new guy who had just stepped into the conference.  Looking at his name tag, Craig had the “Prospective Member” white ribbon.  Cool.  A ‘younger’ guy, Craig had a nice way about him – smart, professional, confident, clean cut, articulate.  Great.  After finding out a little about how he came to know about PIMA, where he was from, and what line of business he was in, he asked me, “What to you do, Mike?  What is WebWisedom?”  “I’m helping PIMA members understand the Social Web and how to leverage it for marketing results.” Then he said a very significant thing, “Great!  Just the person I want to ask: What’s the hash-tag for the conference?”  WOW! WOW! WOW!  So mark the date: 07/15/10 6pm, opening session of the 2010 MidYear Meeting – the first time someone actually asked ME about Twitter!!!  And yes, he was a Gen-X’er.

Relative to the new two-meeting format, netnet, PIMA is doing its best to be a good steward of precious resources.  I’d be interested in Comments (below after the pictures), but the new “MidYear Meeting” we just experienced had a record attendance for a summer meeting.  So whether you are an Agency, a Company, or a Business Partner, there seemed to have been plenty of people to talk to and network with.  My observation – there seemed to be a good mix of decision-makers and influencers as well.  From the Business Partner perspective, I felt there was good buzz in the Exhibit Hall on both Friday and Saturday.  I loved the indoor/outdoor places to have private conversations as well.  Any other thoughts?  Please Comment below, start a thread on the PIMA Linkedin Group page, or drop an email.  Feedback is always welcome.

Lastly, I recorded some sound bites from the speakers at the conference (with their permission).  When I get a few spare minutes, I will relay the recording via podcasts… some compelling content to consider.

As normal, I took a few pictures at the event.  Wanted to share two here.  One is of the “Best of PIMA” winner – significant because it went to a Broker (Aon) for a Social Media Marketing campaign.  The other is of the Panel gathered to discuss the impacts of PPACA.  This was a phenomenal trio of industry wizards who spoke extremely clearly about the potential adverse consequences of PPACA, about how similar legislation has failed in MA, and about the very real possibilities for the ultimate destiny of the bill.  I’ve got some sound bites from that as well.

Cheers!  Comments welcome.  What did you think of the conference?