I’m almost 50.  My father went “gone to glory” when he was 54….


Richard Alan “Dick” Wise

Your time was short, yet you made the most of it.

- You did not have much money, yet lived a rich life.

You were 6’9″, yet you made yourself ‘small’ for the comfort of others.

- You lived in trying times, yet always showed optimism and a smile.

You lived in-land, yet spoke often of sailing the oceans.

- You never owned a vintage car, yet knew them all by sight.

You lived in a humble log home, yet built fantastic ones for others.

- You dreamed great dreams, yet worked to help others achieve theirs.

You guided me, disciplined me, and encouraged me.

- Yet you smiled and said at the last, “No Mike.  I’ll take care of you.”

You did, yet you did.


A favorite picture from the log cabin days in Jaffrey, NH.