Why a Professional Blog?  Let me count the ways… But first, let me break TWO BIG MYTHS.

No time…” We’re talking an hour a week (depending on how fast you organize your thoughts and type). And you can always dictate the post to an admin and have them load it into the editor.  ‘Time’ is not the issue.

Who cares what I have to say?”  First of all, it’s not just about the human audience.  Search Engine Marketing is a big part of it.  Second, your network cares what you have to say.  Your customers.  Your prospects.  Your business partners.  Heck..  Your Mom!

What’s your other reason for not doing a professional blog?  Comment below and perhaps the crowd can give advise.

So Why Blog?  What the ROI?  Here’s my take… And this is by NO MEANS everything.  Just off the top…

  1. Search Engine Leads – Gain new and/or previously off-the-radar sales opportunities
  2. Reinforcement of existing sales processes started through other means
  3. Social Media Optimization – Establish Social Relevancy within Social Media Marketing
  4. Establish hooks, interest, and engagement with prospects for when the time is right
  5. Viral marketing and referrals with all-of-the-above
  6. Competitive advantage, or, at a minimum, keeping up with the competition
  7. Application of the knowledge and understanding gained from using the tool to client projects
  8. Improved self-awareness and awareness of market perceptions
  9. Use for free market research
  10. Improved Web-content writing skills
  11. Enhanced potential to write a book based on the blog history and your new skills (whole nuther optnty)
  12. Improved public speaking and presentation skills for sales and marketing presentations – yep… odd but true
  13. Potential to gain speaking ops at industry or local biz-dev events
  14. Improved marketplace visibility for the blogger/organization
  15. Great chance to understand Web analytics
  16. Better success leveraging Twitter and Linkedin

Are you blogging?  Post a link and share your ROI stories?  If you’re not, hope you get started.  You’ll be glad you did.  Caveat – gotta do it right.

Btw, I’m working on Part 2 of my last podcast.  Nibby and Chris share thoughts on their blogs.  Couple great case-in-points.

Oh yeah, awesome event listening to Ken Blanchard last week.  Phenomenal teaching.  Terrific stories.  He laughed, he cried… Unofficially recorded the talk on my ipod.  Pretty compelling stuff.

Qwik pics shot this morning.  Love Spring and Summer in Northeast Ohio.

Took 45 minutes on this post, btw – including the pictures.