First, I understand that this is really podcast #1 under the banner of WebWisedom and SocialTechCoach (site in dev), but it’s taking some time to get my blog re-branded, moved, etc. (the age-old situation of the cobbler’s children…).

I’m often asked, “Mike, all that stuff you’re doing with your blog and linkedin, facebook, twitter… Is that paying off for you?  Are you getting meaningful results?”  “Absolutely!”, I say.  To drive the point home, I chatted with a couple people who are achieving solid results from their Social Media and Social Network Marketing efforts within their insurance practices.  These are two guys, btw, that I ONLY know through Social Media, Chris Jordan and Nibby Priest.  Judge for yourself, do you think it’s payin’ off for them?  Note some of the intangible and perhaps surprising benefits they mention as well.  Nibby and Chris would love to kick around your questions and comments.  I know the other readers and listeners would appreciate the dialog as well, so please use the Comment button below to connect with them on thoughts…. Thanks SO much.

Listen in.

Picture from this weekend, kids choir at church… Kids’ll do the darnedest things in the middle of singing!

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