How cool is this?!?! Posting to the Blog from the podium!  Speaking to a group about Social Media, demonstrating Social Media, with a Blog post about Twitter! If you see this right away, Hit Me Back right away – on the Blog Comment, on the Linkedin status update, RT on Twitter, text, something!  I’ll get the notice and show the group! (Okay, I’m probably dreaming.)

More on Twitter….  Please share your comments below as well.

Twitter also works as a prospecting tool, connecting with potential clients who might benefit from my knowledge and related services.  How?  That’s “the secret sauce” as a client of mine likes to say.  Did you know that Twitter can enhance a conference experience, both for the attendees and the non-attendees?  Obviously, conference organizers would likely prefer more attendees rather than participants on Twitter.  But the facts of the matter are that some people have the time, budget, and degree of interest to attend, while others don’t have one or the other, but STILL are at various levels on the interest continuum and might follow, perhaps even promote or engage.  And, hey, perhaps if they follow the conference on Twitter this year, they will attend the conference next year, right?!?!

IMHO, a few of the key things that make Twitter incredibly rich:

  1. – Get it.  Read it.  It’s free and will get you started.
  2. – or something similar… Use it to easily see and filter Mentions, Direct Messages’s, groups of authors, real-time keyword search, a URL shortener, twitpix, more..
  3. One post per day – from TweetDeck, my mobile device (Treo, bookmarked, Blog, ShareThis on a Web page, or
  4. Blog – if you don’t have one, talk to me.  In 10 minutes, I can give you at least 10 extremely compelling reasons that spending a few grand on a professional blog and learning the ropes will pay off BIG TIME.  #1 – A Blog Integration with Linkedin – It’s an OUTSTANDING way to stay top-of-mind with your network.
  5. Hash tags – here’s a perfect YouTube vid on that:
  6. Twitter Search – Using Twitter or not, go ahead and search on a couple keywords.  This tool is becoming one of the top search engines on the Web.  Phenomenal.
  7. Direct Messages – easy way to communicate with someone you don’t know well enough to connect with on linkedin or facebook, but you want to send a private message, for example to start an off-line conversation or draw attention to something.
  8. Following, Shout-outs, Follow-Friday, RT’s
  9. 5 min a couple times a day, down time in airports

A few words of caution:

  • Remember standards of etiquette and professional protocol and courtesy.  Standard rules still apply.
  • Don’t Tweet in traffic; cruising the interstate – maybe.  Be prudent.
  • Remember the adage, ‘2 ears, 1 mouth – use in proportion!’ Careful not to over-share.
  • Don’t tweet while using alcohol, while angry, tired, or hungry.  (Btw, you CAN delete a Tweet.)
  • Always ‘consider the source’ – truism more relevant now than ever.
  • Make sure you have a good virus-protection system… click-through’s to Web sites inherently risky.
  • Block people you don’t want to associate with (e.g. porn stars who follow you.)

I could go on and on about Twitter, but out of time.  I could seriously spend all day on twitter – and have a very productive day!  Really! But that’s it for now.  I hope this has lifted the awareness of a few more people.  If you are getting started, follow me and I’ll follow you back.  I might also perhaps suggest you on Follow Friday, or perhaps RT a post of yours every now and then.  But more than anything, I’ll be listening to you – and, hopefully, LEARN!  Oh yeah, one more time – GET A BLOG and start sharing!

A picture from AIPAGIA – Sunrise on Captiva