Heads-down working on an E-business strategy for a client… will try to post notes, final thoughts, and reflections on the AIPAGIA conference last week.  But lest I run out of time, a shout to readers and passers-by at this milestone event in the history of our nation:

Write your Congress, PLEASE. They NEED to hear your voice. Takes 5 minutes. Just do it! Please. http://www.congress.org/

Some recent readings, each with its own bias:

Hospital CEOs Weigh In on Health Care Debate – intelligent comments

Five Reasons The CBO Figures Are Phony- Investors Business Daily

Idaho to Sue Feds Over Health Care Mandate “Similar legislation is pending in 37 other states.” FoxNews

My Healthcare Plan by  Ann Coulter great take

National Review – tons of good stuff on all this

Six Ways to Fix Our Healthcare System by Samuel H. Fleet – very simple concepts to fix the issue by a subject matter expert, not a politician or bureaucrat

http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23hcr twitter search on #hcr – health care reform – all points of view

The Reconciliation Bill just now tweeted… carve out some time to read 4000 pages

My Questions:

Is it about liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans, blahblahblah, or is it about rational and sane fiscal responsibility, and about letting the free markets work to hold people accountable for their personal decisions and preferences? And under-girding it all, do we as a nation need to return to our spiritual roots, the foundation of this great nation?  Or are we going to stay on the track of deeper and deeper corruption?  (Remembering the exercise my son and I took in 2007 to understand the 7 Deadly Sins as he graduated from High School.) Has a substitute for the 10 Commandments ever worked in the history of mankind? On a personal level, I know when I got back to those basics almost 20 years ago, my life became much more effective, productive, and satisfying.  And when I stray from those, it doesn’t take long for me to feel the adverse impacts.  I believe the same is true for a nation.

Your thoughts?  Wait! Write your congressmen before you write here, though.

Btw, I’m glad I have a voice in this through this blog, through twitter, through facebook and linkedin.  How about you?  Can I help you find your voice?  Tellin’ ya’… you’ll be glad you started – on several levels.

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