Heard on the job this week: “…So I asked the CIO when I could have the project? [...a simple quote engine for three products with e-app workflows for each and an admin...for an affinity distribution partner]  He says matter-of-factly, ‘…3 years and $2mln…’  I said, ‘THREE YEARS! According to the Mayan calendar, we won’t even be AROUND in three years!’”

LOL Just had to share that story.  I chuckled all the way home.  I’ve got a new thought to think about when I need a smile!!!  Thanks, G.  Good stuff.  Keep doin’ it.

Almost forgot to relay this great story from the plan home from PIMA.  Sometimes I just happen to sit next to someone special…I wrote it immediately on the plane and Dr. Libby approved it…

Really cool story…. So in the seat next to me is this guy that looks to be in his 60’s.  He asks me if I’m going home.  He’s from Warren, OH… knows Hudson, sons went to Western Reserve…we get to talking… turns out he’s a physician…an ear doctor… done 17,000 surgeries in 40 years…very specialized surgery, people come from all over the world to get their hearing back that was lost through a disease called otosclerosis and treated by an operation called stapedectomy …something about the bones in the inner ear…a prosthesis and they can hear again!

So he asks me what I do and I share about e-commerce and social media marketing for the health and life insurance industry, just coming back from a speaking gig at a conference.  I ask 78 (!) year old Dr. Lippy, “Do you have a blog?”  He stuns me with, “I’ve done one better than that – I do video’s.”  So real quick, before the plane takes off, we hit the Web on my phone and look at some of his content – the LippyLibrary.com.  In flight, he goes on to tell story after story about the power of these video’s to communicate the essentials of the surgery with his audience of colleague physicians, the trade media, and especially patients searching for solutions where other alternative haven’t worked.  Lives changed… training physicians from around the world at his practice… publishing in peer review journals.  And all without the need to go through the published peer-review process because it’s informal.

What does he do?  Take a look.  He simply sits down with his associate doctor and talks.  They’ve discussed 30+ different subjects – very specific to the operations. Then his son edits the videos and publishes them to the library and out on the Web.  He said his analytics show views from 74 countries and thousands of visits.

I remarked that some people would want to keep that information a secret in order to pull in more patients with the proprietary knowledge – and so make more money.  He says, “There’s more to it than money.  I’m not making a lot of money, about $300k/yr.  But I’m changing lives in my own little way… And when I’m gone, the video’s will live on.  And more physicians will make more discoveries on top of what I’ve done…”

How cool is that.  The power of Web content, in this case a simple video blog – just what I was talking about at PIMA, reinforced by the guy next to me on the airplane home.  Hmmmm.

What do you think?  Impressions?