ICMG 2010 Annual Meeting (see my pic’s here)

Opening Keynote: Byrd B Baggett III – Byrd the Terd in High School!

When you were born, you cried and people celebrated.  When you die, people will cry and you’ll celebrate.

If you don’t love people, you’ll never lead them.

“Will to win is everything.” Vince Lombardi – most often mis-quoted quote “Winning is everything.”

Success at the expense of faith and family isn’t really success.

Secret of success of SW Airlines – most unionized carrier in the business

I asked him, “We hire attitude and train skills.”  Don’t hire people that brighten the room when they leave it.


TC – technical competence

PC – people competence

LC – Leadership competence

Every morning, count five blessings before you earn the right to say a word.

SMILE – Special Magic in Living Everyday – this isn’t a dress rehearsal

When the pain of remaining the same exceeds the pain of change – when true growth starts.

NO P.G.A. – Power Greed Arrogance

EGO – Edging Growth Out

You know things are bad when “whose idea wins” means more than “the best idea.”

Hearing but not listening – ‘silent’ and ‘listen’ have the same letters.

How the Mighty Fall – the 5 Stages of Decline of an Organization

Why are you always happy!  I believe God put us here to serve other people.

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret – which one do you want?

The truth may sometime hurt but it will always help.

We’re killing people because of religions – I’m about relationships.

Life’s not about me, faith journey begins.

2/24/90 – 2 bad behaviors – identify in the next 24 hours and work on them the next 90 days.

“Values are the root that determine your fruit.”

Technology is killing relationships.  Email complaint… 10, 2, 4 – only check email every so often

The Saints got rid of the ‘Me’ players and brought in the ‘We’ players.

What people are looking for in leaders

  1. Trust
  2. Compassion
  3. Stability (no emotional spikes)
  4. Hope

Great leaders keep hope alive.


  • Stop
  • Ask the right questions from the right people
  • Listen objectively with an open mind.
  • Think about the consequences of your choices.

Keep you from Fire Ready Aim…

Bought things I didn’t need with money I didn’t have to impress people I didn’t like!

The most powerful word?  We

Only 5% percent of people read a book on personal improvement every year.

Read 10 pages a day in a self-improvement .  Try The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Most fulfilling purpose:  Being a part of something greater than self.

Forgiveness liberates the soul.

The fruit of service is peace. Mother Theresa

Book: “The Power of Full Engagement”

Expert – ex is a has been, spurt is a drip under pressure

Gary Jacobs on Skype due to the snow storm in Washington (lot of people missed flights)

Problems of HC Spending

2.5 trillion in overall HC spend, 17% of the economy, expected to about double by 2019

Two issues – cover more people, if get sick, will get services

2. control costs and reduce overall spend – in alignment with other countries

Political reform -

Blue-dog coalition – Fiscal conservatives, no new taxes, if new program, gotta cut some others

Also about 40 congressmen dealing w abortion

Merrill Matthews – public policy analyst, author, council for affordable health insurance

We believe markets work in Washington – a minority view

Election in Mass. changed everything.

Everything is back on the table

The coverage mandate became the real stumbling block

Auto insurance – national statistic is that the percentage of people without auto insurance is about the same as people without health insurance.  So mandates don’t really work.

Penalty and jail if they don’t get it???

Democrats believe Guaranteed Issue and community rating should be the standard.

Tried exchanges in the past – MASS. 2006 legislation, pushing it, starting to work

Taxing benefits – 17 new taxes in the House Bill

Senate wants to back off on the large group.

Administrative waste (commissions, marketing, etc. would put all of us out of business)

Higher minimum loss ratio – insurers talked them down a bit (debate on HAS inclusion)

My guess – HC Reform is dead this year – R have no real political interest, D would rather not vote – if they vote Y they’ll get in trouble with voters, if vote N trouble with party leadership

Some funding in there to get funding for high-risk pools (people w HC issues).

Increase competition across state lines

Democrats hate consumer-driven health insurance to control costs

Real problem for the states is the budget – so tight not a lot of room to move.

Healthcare Freedom Act – State of AZ started it.  VA Senate just passed it.  Pushing back on the Feds

Because so many people in DC thought we were going to have Reform – it’s all off the table now.  No telling whether we might see individual laws for the Class Act, Reinsurance Provision, etc.

It’s a good time to be talking to people who are running for office about what makes sense for healthcare reform, then in the next election cycle we can get some good reform.

Gary Jacobs

Brown: More of a story about all the frustration that so many Americans are feeling about Jobs, the economy and the HC Reform process.

See the slide about the National Debt gorilla in the room

Kennedy – liberal man with a conservative bent.  His death left a void.  He might have gotten a deal done for reform.

Death knell was the deal-making and lack of transparency.  Nebraska and Landreau deal were bad.

Quality of the work that is done does not impact the payments.  So if a doc leaves a sponge in the patient, the work to go in and make the fix also gets paid for.

Politics trumped the policy.

Private insurance is a cornerstone of our economy?


Does the insurance industry have some proposals that can slow this trend down?  $40 trillion Medicare in unfunded liabilities?  They’ve been running Medicare about 40 years.  The fraud in Medicare and Medicaid is unbelievable!!! 12-15% of claims. In private health care, it’s about 1%.  It would be a disaster to run private insurance like they do public.

$800 billion a year in waste in the system – medical malpractice, defensive medicine

Search on Thomson Reuters and $800 billion waste.  17% in fraud


My Take: (What’s yours??)

Great content, great networking, a little too much good-ole boy stuff.  But there’s a lot of new talent appearing in the crowd.  Hope they stick with it and keep coming.  Hope I keep coming!  Need to do some business with some of the folks.  To be candid, I’ve done a few good deals over the past 6 years.  And I know the group is not generally there to talk tech – they’re there to talk product and alliances.  But hopeful that with persistent follow-up in the next few weeks, a few more folks will get savvy to a tremendous offer I’m bringing to the group:

Many of the folks on the distribution side have a certain block of agents with either no Web site or a bad Web site – both of which could be undermining their sales efforts.  I’ve got a unique solution to that simple yet complex problem. http://www.myagencycenter.com -low price points, great potential to help agents drive untapped production, great tech.  Definitely want to encourage a look or pass this information along to the right folks in the organization.

To kick this off, for the first few ICMG’ers that respond, I’m offering a special deal: Social Media and Social Network training for agents.  It’s a sweet deal.

Favorite pic?  Gotta be the bobcat!!!  But the dinner was terrific as well.  Outstanding conversation with some really smart people. Oh yeah… I also went to the Arizona Wildcats v Oregon Ducks Pac-10 basketball game – what a hoot!  See the tomahawk dunk here.  Next week: Why Twitter?  So much mis-understanding out there in the insurance space. Were you at ICMG 2010?  What was your take?