I’m working on a post about Twitter.  After several conversations at PIMA and ICMG, and around the business, I’m hearing a lot of interesting comments about Twitter – and a lot of cliches that have little basis in reality – aka myths, like, “Why do I want to know what someone had for breakfast?!?!”

Before I publish my thoughts, I’d like to hear yours.  Please comment and share below, even if a brief, anonymous sound-bite.

Are you using twitter?  Why or why not?

Oh yeah, I’m also working on a music video of thoughts and images from ICMG.  If anyone has an idea for a classic-rock track as the music bed for the vid, I’m all ears.  (Already got Come Together by the Beatles – good one).

Qwik pic from last weekend…

My son Zach Wise, leading the Houghton College Army ROTC Color Guard.