I can’t mention the insurance product, project or company, but I was excited to be involved this week in the early stages of a marketing campaign that has an uncanny link to last week’s post.  This insurance company spent a good part of 2009 in Focus Groups, market tests and other forms of discovery in attempt to learn how to align its product with the market.  The outcome of it all is a brand new configuration of a traditional product that is specifically tuned to the market.  Going further, the insurance company also considered how to optimize the education, quoting, and enrollment for lowest cost, easiest to do business with, and highest potential for virality.  The result of that is a secret, but let me just say, it’s got the potential, if marketed in a savvy way, to set the standard for, if not rock the world, of a very big corner of the health and life insurance  industry.  The point is, the company is vigorously pursuing Product Channel Market Alignment – on a minimal budget, leveraging outside resources, and using an aggressive time-frame.  So glad to be involved.  How about you?  Have you seen any compelling examples of Product Channel Market Alignment within the insurance space?  Please comment at the bottom of this post.  Share a story.


Insurance Direct Marketers take note:

84% of Marketers to Shift Portion of Direct Marketing Budgets to Social Media

The timing is perfect for this story.  I will be leading a discussion at the PIMA Annual Meeting a week from today.  The panel is called “Demystifying Social Media” with myself as moderator, Sherri Lagana with Liberty Mutual (interesting link), and Scott Hilchey with SourceLink.  Relative to the article, in my humble opinion, I hope that the veteran direct marketers in the audience either walk away from the session with a richer understanding of the incredible power of social media and social networks to potentially drive the kind of results they are looking for.  The early adopters, the ones who say, “All right, what the heck, I’m going for it…” will be handsomely rewarded – if they do it right.  Some are already moving.  It’s going to be neat to see.

Insurance, technology and Social Media – Man, if you’ve got the right components in place, the market is going to respond very favorably.  Let me know if you need help crafting the strategy and/or finding partners that can execute…



I’ve just got to tell two quick stories:

1. Did you know why there was a special election to replace Ted Kennedy?  It’s incredibly ironic.  As I understand it, when Kerry was running for Pres. and Romney was then-governor of Mass., Kennedy didn’t want a Republican Gov. appointing a Rep replacement should Kerry get elected and vacate.  So Kennedy got the law changed to force an election instead of an appointment by the governor.  Wow!  Another interesting thing I heard this week was that social media and social networks played a huge roll in the election of Scott Brown, to a large extent undermining the efforts of MSM to influence the vote.  Lastly I heard this morning that Nancy P. said that a Senator from a state with state-run health care shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Is that true?  So Kennedy wouldn’t have been allowed to vote either?  At one point, they were thinking of naming the whole initiative after Kennedy?  Oh the ironies… If anyone has links that support or deny these word-of-mouth stories, I’m all eyes.

2. A friend of mine whose parents were on a routine medical mission trip to Haiti when the earthquake happened, and so now is intimately involved with relief efforts, shared a telling story this morning with me.  His Dad, an MD, is connected with a medical mission organization out of OH.  Last Saturday, the org assembled a team of surgeons to fly into Haiti.  The team met up in Miami and was told by FEMA that FEMA would fly them in on one of 30 flights into Haiti.  At the last minute, they were told that their plane had been taken and they would have to wait – by none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  A team of surgeons flying in to save lives having to stand down.  Help me understand the logic there. (I’m no Eistein and certainly have my faults and bone-headedness, but what was she thinking???)  To make matters worse, once the docs finally got another flight, they were in-country for 3 days before they saw their first patient due to government bureaucracy.  No, we don’t need more government.  We need more democracy.  The good news is, I was encouraged to join a team to go down there later this year.  Just might do that.  Any one want to join in???


New blogger of the week: John Pogas.  Good stuff on insurance marketing technologies.  Destined to be a rock star!


Pictures from this week:

Out with my buddy Steve Snell in Green Bay (who’s starting a new blog btw).   Steve’s available, but only if you need someone with deep experience in insurance sales and marketing on the agent-driven side of things, and only if you need someone that communicates as clearly as anyone I’ve seen, only if you need someone with an incredible sense of humor, and only if you need someone with connections all over the health and life industry, both senior and underage.

Me posing like Vince Lombardi – I know – I’m a goof.