MyAgencyCenter – I think I’m onto something here.  Check out this slideshare with audio Jim Fisher crafted (234 views in the last week or so).  See if it resonates.  If you see an application to your business, please comment on this blog or reach out to me directly (mwise at  Not only does this solve the conundrum of agents and Web sites and compliance and money and social networks and … but it also gives the agency an excellent agency portal for communicating and doing business with their agents day-in day-out.  I’m seeing some traction… and for good reason, IMHO.  Let’s put the agents in the driver’s seat when it comes to self-generating leads with a Web site, social network links, a mini-tool for social media, etc.  What are your thoughts?


I tweeted this article this week – thought I’d blog it as well.  I was referred to it in my facebook feed by an insurance agent engaged in social media, Nibby Priest.  (Nibby rocks!)

Why Email No Longer Rules … interesting take on shifting/added cmu trends and tech’s

What’s your take? Funny… At the last conference I was at, on a walk to a restaurant for dinner, I said to my dining companions, “…Email is dead…”  and almost got strangled.  I was speaking somewhat in jest, but at the same time, everything has its rise and fall, doesn’t it?  Perhaps email has run its course.  Certainly it’s still good for document sharing and longer communications, as well as shout-outs with hyperlinks for marketing – definitely.  But for routine tactical communication, it seems like text, IM, and social net profile updates are on the rise.  This article makes a lot of good points on the subject.  Comments below?


If the University of Akron Mens Soccer team wins their game tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Cary, NC next week.  Looking forward to seeing friends and work partners down there, as well as shooting Mens D1 Final Four Soccer!


A couple favorite Thanksgiving pics.  My son Zach brought home 3 Kenyan soccer players from Houghton college!  Great time!  See more here.