Nathan Conz rocks.  Check out this Insurance & Technology story on Progressive’s Twitter strategy.  Once you read it, the strategy seems fairly intuitive.  But someone had the idea.  I love reading about innovation and taking the ordinary and making something special with it.  Knowing corporate board rooms. meeting spaces, and so forth, I can almost guarantee there were nay-sayer’s when the idea was first floated.  Maybe not, but I can hear the negatives, “Well, I don’t know about that TWEETER thing…” “But people can say ANYTHING in there…” “We could get in TROUBLE…”  But now look at them…solving problems and creating fans and followers because of their innovation.  And it’s freaking FREE! Click on this twitter search.  See what you see.  I can’t predict when you might click, today, tomorrow, next week, next year.. and what will come up, but I can almost guarantee it will be a mix of Progressive stuff, customer comments, retweets of stories about them, etc..  It’ll be interesting, but I bet it will be positive and you’ll learn something about them and their approach.  Try it.


Another interesting story about insurance and social media.  It’s a scary thing when an insurance company makes a healthcare decision based on something they saw on an insured’s facebook profile.  Is this what really happens in Canada?  Does it have anything to do with socialized medicine?  Is this where we are headed?  Notice that the patient was following the doctor’s advice, and rightly so.  Interested in your comments…


More stuff I’d like to post on, but gotta run.  Meantime, a picture from the #1 in the nation Akron Zips Men’s Soccer.  The signature Student Center is in the background.  Gotta see Ampai.  He is so freaking quick!  See more here:

Ampai makes a turn - NCAA09 Rd2 v SFU

Happy Thanksgiving!