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So I had a call last week with a mid-tier insurance carrier.  We had a dynamite conversation and it looks like IdeaStar might be an excellent fit for a project they have in mind for 2010.  Here’s the point: When I asked him where he heard about us he said, “I saw a reference to you in a Linkedin forum. so I went to your site, poked around a bit, and then filled in your contact form.”  “Did you see my blog?” I asked.  “Absolutely!” he said.  “Found it very interesting.”

So what do you get out of that story?  To me, there are at least 3 really big concepts in play… and several smaller ones.  But I’d be interested in YOUR take.  Remember, Lurking is Lame!


Check out this Megatrends article sent to me from a fellow PIMA member. The points made are fantastic, IMHO.  What do you think?

Oh yeah, while we’re speaking about PIMA, I found out last week that this blog is a Top-10 referring site to the PIMA site for the past 12 months in aggregate.  Not to toot my own horn, as my Dad used to say (RIP), but then again, well, OK, I am!  :-)

Picture from Sunday after raking all the leaves out to the street.  Gotta love Fall in northeast Ohio….

Clairhaven in the Fall

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