Social Networks & Social Media and insurance companies – MetLife, Cigna, Aetna, Humana

In doing some specific research this week, I took the time to review the Web presence of these four companies.  Definitely not trying to bash here, just learn and see what’s going on with some of the larger health insurance companies vis-a-vis the Web.  Along the way, I thought, hmmm, I wonder if anyone else would be interested in this research.  Might save them some time.  It’s all public information – I’ve just collected it in one place.  So here is some summary data:


  • No social media, no social network links on Web site
  • No facebook
  • No twitter, but lots of tweets on health insurance
  • No YouTube


  • No social media, no social network links on Web site
  • Minor YouTube presence
  • No Twitter
  • facebook unofficial pages only


  • Nice start on video stream in dental section
  • No social media, no social network links on Web site
  • Maturing facebook Fan page
  • – just getting started, getting hammered on twitter for health insurance
  • no YouTube, but a lot of Cigna-bashing videos


  • No social media, no social network links on Web site
  • No facebook presence
  • No YouTube
  • No twitter, but lots of tweets

IMHO, Aetna has the best look and feel and segmentation strategy on their Web site.  Note to anyone using Mozilla (versus Internet Explorer) – the Health Care Professionals page has a CSS issue with the gold nav-box on the left.  (Sorry, it’s a compulsion.)

Btw, while we’re talking about Facebook, I ran across this brilliantly innovative Fan page developed by Sears.  Sears! of all people!


WHCC Event in Boston

I know it’s short notice, but I’m speaking on Social Media and Analytics at the upcoming World Health Care Congress meeting in Boston on 11/4 & 5.  If you can make it, I’ll be speaking with Craig Ritter about how, over the last 5 years, his Blog has become the single-most important tool in his arsenal for accomplishing his business objectives of recruiting agents and increasing the volume of business running through his agency.  It’s a great story that I hope will resonate with the audience.


State Farm Guy I ran across in my neighborhood – Just a picture I took for now….the interesting story on the next post.

Guy Hufstetler


Some recent pictures:

My son’s soccer team – I was up at Houghton College preparing to shoot a game the following day.  My son Zach asked me if I wanted to attend the team gathering on the field the night before – a team tradition.  Standing with the team in the circle of players, with the just the yellow security lights softly lighting the field, and a brilliant canopy of stars above, the captain acknowledged me as a visitor.  He commented on how encouraging it has been to have me shoot some of their games.  And then, seeing my camera, he asked if there might be a picture I might like to take.  I described the picture below – and it worked!  Imagine at the same time they’re all yelling!  Too fun.


Farm on the drive to Houghton College – always had a fancy for it


My son’s soccer teammate/roommate who I made the gift for a few weeks ago

Johnny Kimani – scheduled to return to action on Saturday!