Lots of stuff going on…

A.M. Best E-Fusion – Finalists announced this week.  Looks like an interesting slate.  With the economy, unfortunately (IMHO) the conference is virtual again this year, so no chance to meet, dialog, and network with people.  I don’t know what the economics and ROI are of the in-person conference, but my hope is that they can get back to an in-person event.  As an example, I’m going to attend the Webinars, and definitely learn from them, so that’s great.  But I’m not likely to feel comfortable sending an invitation to connect on Linkedin to the presenters or other attendees, right?  Kind of hard to build relationship as a faceless number on a view-only Webinar.  Again, I don’t know the economics, but I do know that these are the people I would like to meet, discuss ideas, talk informally off-line, connect with, and build relationship.  Tremendous cumulative value in that…

Aartrijk Brand Camp – I used Twitter to follow the goings-on at the Hotel Sax in Chicago this week.  Btw, there’s a good example of the utility of Twitter, for those that are wondering – I wasn’t there and yet I got value – real-time, right now.  I built relationships – well, a little.  I also found a few people to follow on Twitter.  In fact one of them said a very cool thing:

@nibbyp: Facebook is for people u used 2 know. Twitter is 4 people u want 2 know. #abc09.

And another:

@mattcollister from Progressive tweeted this useful morsel: Here’s something we created at Progressive to help our agents get started with social media. #abc09 http://filetwt.com/f/hj37pm…

I’m sure the folks at Aartrijk will publish a cool report on the conference, complete with pictures, video, audio, sort of like a #ABC09 Highlight Video.  Hope so.  Click on this link to view some of the tweets for the conference (you don’t need to be ‘on twitter’).

Facebook Webinar – Unlocking Facebook’s Hidden Potential – That sounds good.  @SeanMalarkey & @LewisHowes.  Should be a few good nuggets in there.  Recommended to my insurance marketing buddies.  If you attend, fire in some questions.  Let’s bury these guys with insurance-related questions, totally takeover the thing!  Just kidding, but seriously, not so much Lurking!

Boston – The Leadership Summit on Marketing Analytics for Health PlansLindsay Resnick recommended me to the conference organizer.  Sounds like interesting content and a good chance to network with people I don’t know.  I’m looking for a co-presenter for the session right before the closing keynote entitled: “EMERGING TREND: Measuring the Impact of Non-Traditional and Social Marketing.”  Know anyone in the health insurance biz that is doing a lot with Social Media and Marketing? And it’s a low-budget trip for me.  So I’m in.  I’ll be tweeting, blogging, and of course podcasting from the conference.  If you will be there, please give me a shout.

Lastly, NCAA’s #1 ranked University of Akron Men’s Soccer team asked me to try-out to be one of their photographers this week!  How cool.  So I shot the SOLD-OUT game on Wednesday against #15 Ohio State.  Wasn’t my best outing, had a few technical challenges, the lighting is horrible, but nontheless walked away with some decent shots.  We’ll see if they yank my media pass for the rest of the home games… :-)