AM Best E-Fusion Recipient was announced this week. I’ve always enjoyed E-Fusion. Lee and Paul do a phenomenal job facilitating the competitions – really great. And every year, they use better and better technology themselves for the conference. This year was no exception. I found it a bit disconcerting that one of the Finalists, AON, pulled their entry out of the display case. I could be wrong, but I suspect that scenario either had to do with compliance or competitive advantage. I’ve heard that similar refrain from a number of clients I wanted to submit their site for. As one said, “OK, Mike, how far to I need to undress to win the award?!?!” LOL   …  I DO wish thought that E-Fusion would go back to an in-person conference. I’m sure Paul and Lee have good rationale, and in the era of declining conference attendance, perhaps it’s a non-starter. But, man, E-Fusion was such a great place to mingle with insurance technologists – just great.

Speaking of conference cancellations, next week’s World Healthcare Congress conference in Boston was officially canceled today. Yikes. Not good. Too bad. I had a great presentation t’d up on non-traditional marketing and analytics featuring Craig Ritter and his incredibly powerful and popular blog on senior health insurance.

On the flip side, PIMA MarkeTTech is coming up on November 15th in Philly. This will be my 5th year in a row attending, the last three being the conference tri-chair. Looking forward to being a spectator, networking, and learning this time – oh, yeah, and taking pictures. Should be great. Looking forward to it.

New blog skin coming soon. Really looking forward to it. Actually, the new blog will be a little more than skin deep. WordPress has come up with some really cool new technologies recently that my developers will be integrating. Should be a new look sometime in November. Also coming out with a new company site as well.

All this bodes well for a new product for Agencies and their Agents that is in development. As I mentioned in my Linkedin status update today, this seems to have the potential to solve a lot of the challenges an agency has with respect to agents clamoring for their own Web sites while still keeping the needed consistency in market communications.

So if you have an agency and a raft of agents, we would be interested in your comments.

  1. What do you think are the essential elements of an agency Web2.0 site?
  2. Do you think giving agents their own site would be an exit barrier or add incentive to write more business through the agency?
  3. Would it then be realistic to think that the agency and agent could combine sales and marketing efforts to drive traffic through the agent’s site in an effort to drive leads, quotes, and at some point, consumer-driven sales?

Interested in your comments below the pictures….

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