IMHO, we all need to be brutally honest, transparent, candid, and leave behind ideologies, partisanship, etc.  Are we asking too few questions and just rushing headlong into a solution?  Shouldn’t we be asking what is best for the long-term for all parties and accounts for all the issues, etc.?

Perhaps an idea: Pull the air-brake on current proposals, get together a team of widely accepted industry experts from health care, health insurance, government, legal, and consumers, say 2-3 from each, find a cloistered setting with no media or internet access, let them determine the top 3 best solutions given all the factors, and then clearly communicate the research, process, findings, and rationale. Possible?

We have some really smart people in this country.  Can we show the world that America is capable of solving the most complex human issues, like health care, in a sane, methodical, and rational way?  Thoughts?  Links?  Are we capable of this?  Why or Why not?

Oh yeah, I got a cool mention! Insurance & Technology Blog Honor Roll: Top Insurance Blogs (9/13-19)