@AnthemHealth http://bit.ly/2uubq7 “Tools such as Twitter and Facebook provide an additional means of communicating…”

ALRIGHT!  Finally a health insurance company adopting social media.  Sign of the times?  Do you know any others?  Please Comment.

I’m excited.  My hope is that, as more insurance home office folks get in the mix of things on the Web, they will see how hopelessly poor their Web technologies are and will thus take steps to change them, hopefully outsourcing that work to specialists with a proven track-record.  As I’ve said before, there are so many landmines to avoid in developing Web2.0 sites and strategies.  But there’s definite progress being made.  I saw a couple really good ones this week:


There are several things I like about this site and the way it’s architected, as well as a few opportunities for improvement.  But before I comment, I’d like to hear your take.



Tweet from today: http://bit.ly/4AmP9 http://bit.ly/ZYSI3 couple stories on today’s Baucus Bill release. Post has a link to the bill.


Couple pics from last week.  Game winning goal I caught…




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