I saw a shoutout about this video in my Linkedin status updates.  So I followed the trail to a blog to this video.  I think I’ve seen something like this before, but nonetheless, it bears sharing within the insurance community.  (No doubt we’ll be seeing similar content at the Aartrijk Brand Camp next month.)

Socialnomics09 – Social Media Revolution

What are your comments with respect to insurance?  Here’s my haunting question:  Yes, I know all about insurance companies being ‘conservative’ … and I’m grateful for that.  But when it comes to adopting new technologies, can they really afford to maintain the ‘conservative’ posture while the rest of the world moves ahead?  Won’t it kill them in the end, if nothing else because of consumer rejection, but more importantly because of obsolescence?  At least from a new-business marketing, sales, and on-boarding stand point?  Let’s say ‘conservative’ is ‘the right track’… But as someone said at a conference recently… It’s great to be on the right track.  But if you just sit there, you’ll get run over!

Here’s a nice blog that’s just starting out in the insurance biz.  Founders Insurance Group.  Good example of just… getting started.

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