Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I’d like to hear from you this time around with this post.  I think it could be really cool if we could get a bunch of different takes on this idea.  I’ve ran the idea by a bunch of people recently and it seems like it has a lot of merit.  So give it some thought if you would, then add your comments at the bottom, even if someone else already posted the same idea.

How is crafting an E-Business Strategy a lot like crafting an exercise strategy? Simple enough concept??!  I’ll throw one out from my buddy Tom Loftus with DISpecialists that tweeted:  “Once you see results its kind of addictive? ”

What are YOUR thoughts?  Please Comment


Last week I gave a preso at the KAIA conference in KC on Web sites and Social Media.  (View the file in my slideshare.)  It was a great session.  The conference facilitator wrote me this week and said, if I may “toot my own horn” as my Dad used to say, “Thanks again for coming to the Tech conference!  Everyone who attended your class and panel had nothing but great things to say about you!”  And they even got CE credits!!  How cool is that?!?  The thing I learned is that a few agents are jumping into social media and seeing good results.  Steve Anderson said one of his insurance clients is seeing amazingly good results from Facebook advertising.  Others are starting to figure out Twitter.  Some really encouraging things happening….

A couple pictures:


with Cindy Adams, Holmes Murphy; Liz Kittell, Big “I” of NE (twitter & SM queen)


Panel I facilitated on Agent Communications (VoIP, Mobile, Web-sharing, Texting, etc.)

Cindy Adams; Bob Fee, Fee Insurance; Greg Meyer, Meyer Insurance


Steve Anderson, TAAR, pilot and agency technology guru

Comment on the thread!!! Really appreciate it.  I’ll give you credit in the upcoming book!  JK