Doug Kreitzberg, Chief Executive Officer, USI Affinity

Marty Traynor, Vice President, Voluntary Benefits, Mutual of Omaha

Henry (Hank) Miltenberger, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Gilsbar

(Pictured left to right)


Doug Kreitzberg

Invest in areas you are already growing, Add new products

“If you are not investing in new products on an ongoing basis, you are starving your organization.”  DK

“Success is 99% failure.  Persistence usually pays off.  Fail often.  Fail fast.  Fail cheap.”  DK

Marty Traynor

Writes in Benefits Selling magazine

Voluntary products do not need to be ‘one size fits all’

Vol Ben is a market, not a series of products.  Must see it as a market.

Look at the employee as the actual customer (not the employer).  Cross sell.

Connecting methods

Web enrollments (bring that up in a PDA), person to person, etc.

Portability – a personal plan that stays with you across employers

Will Rogers – “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Hank Miltenberger

We don’t have to grow.  We wanted to grow.  Need to sell products that fit the culture of the company.  Need to have fun.

We’re good at administration, not selling. (“Man’s got to know his limitations.” CEastwood)

It’s not the revenue stupid, it’s the profit.

If we can do a thousand, we can do it well.  We are a process-driven company.  (Manual process?)  Can’t scale.

Heavily invest in IT area – what about the Web.  Wrapping services that we can charge for, around the products.

Not concerned about what happens in DC because we’ll just adapt.

Does the market want it from you?

To the extent as possible, always integrate. (outsource?)

Dental – Michael Krafcik, VP of Sales at Security Life Insurance Co.

One of the key distribution methods for indiv dental is the internet.

Dental individual carriers use the Web for quoting, enrollment, and e-issue.

Senior Market – big opportunity, benefits and care are a big deal.

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