Interesting collection of blogs and writing on the ObamaCare that linked to my last post.  Thanks Coach P.

Some good writing by a fellow PIMA Board Member on HealthCare reform.  (Wish it was blog, though.  Working on that.)

Sale of a Private/Personal Health Insurance Policy to become ILLEGAL.  Read the article from INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY.

One stat overheard: relative to insurance policy billing, one TPA is seeing 38% ACH versus 12% Credit Card.  The rest would be non-electronic direct pay… billing statements, checks, etc..

PIMA members need to be more engaged in the HC Reform debate.  Stop the presses.  Engage in this.  It very likely could mean the end of the business, or at least a big segment of the business – health insurance.  I can help them get engaged.

Here’s a bright spot in the new law.  Now this addresses costs.  Halleluja!  “The bill further requires that individuals applying to state and federal health programs be able to enroll and manage their eligibility information online.” Need help with that?  Let me know…

There’s also a debate about insurance regulation – state or federal.  PIMA folks need to voice their takes and opinions.  Join the conversation.


Frank Fimmano, PIMA President, AON Consulting SVP


Mary Margaret (Paul’s wife), Cathy Colburn (CorporateCallCenter exec), Paul Latchford (Aegon legal), Mike Mercer (Aegon sales)