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Subject: Catch the Wave! Products – and Profit – in the New Economy

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A big thanks to the contributors.  Some of my favorite comments…

….without completely changing the entire system.  Socialized systems do not deliver the mark of excellence Americans are used to.

3 Gov’t HC plans = none are run very well.  Private contractors for public employees works well.

Employees will purchase complementary plans – but will that be illegal?

Universal HC is already available. – Unlimited HC=disincentive to work

Prevention and wellness

What kind of precedent does this set?

The 50mln uninsured breaks down to a very small pop that doesn’t have access or choice.

Basic level of care to more people needs to occur first.

Insurance entrepreneurs – covering gaps and alternatives

Look at the broader perspective…  Careful to not lose participation of docs… Might lose sense of ownership and responsibility…

Extensive waits – US population just wouldn’t put with that.

Continue to see a spiral in costs – financing issue.

Obama can’t change it – too much infrastructure.

Immediately. Why?

Behavioral conditions…

Catastrophic losses, not routine things like physicals and routine drugs.

Car insurance analogy – OUTSTANDING!

Very expensive – increase taxes 2-3 times over.

Private market – put the expenses with the users and providers – like HSA’s

More transparency of costs and quality, get the middle man out

Putting together by people who don’t understand healthcare or insurance

This is a health crisis…

Can’t fix it in 90 days.

White paper – Six Ways to Fix Our Healthcare System by Samuel H. Fleet

Breakdown insurance monopolies – set a provider pricing level, Medicare reimbursement rate plus 20%.

Lower administrative costs

Citizens and businesses – get educated and respond to congress,  House members need to hear from you.  www.congress.org

Grandchildren will be paying this off…

Will bankrupt the country, sharply curtail research – that’s what keeps people alive.  Experimental procedures…. “…something else when it’s your family member.”

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Above all, let’s not rush into something because of politics.  Enough already.

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