OK, I know this may sound obvious to some, but I just ran across yet another prospective client who does not have analytics (or at least access to analytics) on his Web site.  Just want to post a quick solution to that incredibly critical issue.  Not going to rant about why it’s so critical, just going to say three things:

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s comprehensive.
  3. It takes 5 minutes to install.

Yes, it takes a few more minutes to set up a funnel for e-commerce (a necessity if you are trying to get someone through an enrollment process).  But the main thing is knowing

  • where your traffic is coming from,
  • where they are going on the site,
  • where they are leaving,
  • how long are they staying,
  • and what are the month-to-month trends

on those data-points.

Click here to get Google Analytics and follow the prompts.

Check your analytics often, especially as you try new marketing campaigns, add new pages, new content, etc.

Oh yeah, also add ShareThis to your site and test viral marketing – very interesting.

Tell you what:  If you want to do this right, cover ALL your bases, and maximize the Web channel, reach out to me.  Happy to help.  I can almost guarantee positive ROI no matter what state your Web presence is currently in.