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A.M. Best: Best’s Review See it here (Part 2 Page 2)  Btw, check out the stats as well.  Jaimie Pickles – awesome article.

Insurance Journal: Closer Look: Agency Technology – Social Networking, Web 2.0 Changing the Way the Industry Does Business

A flood of articles this week reinforcing the critical nature of the Web within insurance marketing.  If this is all true, why aren’t more insurance folks knocking the cover off the ball with new sales and profitability from the Web channel?  What’s “the catch” in your opinion?

Question:  Why would the board of directors of a very large insurance distribution company allow the leadership team to “cut costs” by RIF’ing the “do-ers”, retaining the mid-managers, and retaining the executive bonus structures?  Sure thing – such a strategy will increase the EPS for a couple quarters.  But then the bomb will explode as new revenue, innovation, and competitive advantage shifts with the disgruntled remaining employees who opt-out of the climate of rape and pillage and move to a company with a soul.  And when that bomb explodes, what’s left of the company will vaporize.  Help me understand:  How is this different from what Bernie Madoff did?  Looks like we’re sending him to jail.  How about these execs and boards that are intentionally and knowingly putting at risk thousands of jobs and potentially compromising hard-earned insurance policies – all so they can tell their Harvard or McKinsey buddies how much they made on the deal and retire in style in Naples?  All I gotta say is, What comes around, goes around.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  Enough of my rant.  Seriously.

I can’t wait for the world to see a few new sites we will be launching shortly.  I could be out in left field, and of course I’m biased (just hope I’m not blinded), but I think these sites will advance the ball like did last year.

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A company that ‘gets it’…  American Collectors

Aartrijk Brand Camp in Chicago in September.  All I can say is, if you’re in insurance marketing, try to be there…

Three strategic partnerships pending.  Good to see some companies seem to be getting it.  “Watch out” to those still limping along with the IT department.  (Listen, I’m sorry to the IT directors out there that don’t outsource front-end, customer-facing Web development.  No disrespect intended, but you gotta focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.  The Web is extremely specialized – no more room for OTJ training.)

A bunch more, but gotta go.

Oh yeah, one of my pictures from last weekend made a national soccer Web site!

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