Awesome conference.  Extremely well-attended.  Jesse said, “Amazing when you throw a party and everyone shows up!”

Misc notes -

Jeff Burrows -

Passion, Performance, Persistence – Tiger Woods is a great example.

If you want someone to remember something, say it three times.

Use technology to your advantage – don’t fight the texting, twitter, social networks, etc.

The Internet has removed the corner office. (Access to information..)

Warren Hunter


Med Supp carriers – “Are you taking enrollments online? If not, might miss the boat.” I say, You should be in panic mode right now.  If you wait until 2010/11 to get started with a serious Web presence, you’re dead meat for a good two years, perhaps forever if you really get ruined by popular opinion because you are so apparently cluelessly behind the Internet curve.

77mln boomers entering the ‘senior market’ nearly 4mln in 2011 drawn to customized svc, question everything, rite media mix

Start educating you future prospects NOW!  NOW!  NOW! (Jeff, see that?  I said it 3x!)  Begin at age 64.  Build relationship with your prospects.  (Btw, wrt to SEO and ranking, need to have that content out there a good 6-18 months before it impacts your ranking.)

Blogs, chat rooms, online chat, Linkedin groups – all kinds of communities. [Have you read Groundswell?]

Microsites – timely, small product sites, build it into your marketing programs, don’t do it with IT, use a supplier like IdeaStar! (Thx for the plug Warren.) Good example of social media marketing.

Newsletters, TV, mail, blogs, seminars, product, brochures….Surround your prospects