You can always count on good stuff from Steve Snell.  Recently rif’d by Cventry [sic] (as they position the company for sale, cut the best and brightest resources, eliminate all technology and innovation projects, and put thousands of people out of jobs in the process – geez, I wish I didn’t share the same last name with the culprit), Steve has about as deep of a resume with insurance technology, and the ROI there-of, as anyone I know.  I think readers/listeners will appreciate the reinforcement of knowledge as well as perhaps some less well-known concepts. Btw, Steve is ‘available’.  Anyone that ends up with him is going to ROCK! – if they turn him loose.  Meantime, have a short-term project?  Hire Steve as a consultant?!

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Steve’s background eAMS,, secure broker portals, automating contacting and appointing, etc.

Listen in here

My favorite points:

Often over-looked item – compliance and avoiding regulatory fines for failure to comply with a bullet-proof audit trail.

“A bad business process automated is just a bad business process made faster.”

Intangible ROI:

  • Perception of being easy to do business with
  • Don’t have to be the cheapest rate
  • Don’t have to pay the highest commission
  • Nimbility
  • What else do you think?  Comment below.

Tangible ROI:

  • Reduced headcount – 53 people on a process that should be done by 4-6 people.
  • Increased productivity of existing agents, selling more product faster in more states
  • Increased number of agents who want to do business with a savvy, not just a me-too, company
  • Nimbility
  • What else?

Problem: These sites are viewed as technology projects instead of ‘products’.  Listen to Steve’s take.  What’s your take on this idea? Might explain the insurance executive mentality of ‘expense’ versus ‘investment’ and the “sea of mediocrity”?

Agile versus Big Bang deployments – What’s been your experience?

“…very difficult to get that money back…” Yep

“The days of enterprise software are over.”  Amen, bro.

“Now is a good time to be investing in this technology.”  Several very valid rationales.  “…first out of the flames…forethought…vision…”

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Steve and I at a Tribe game couple years ago