Great podcast, IMHO, on the conundrum of independent agents and Web sites.  Please join this conversation via Comments below.  Peter and I and the other readers will enjoy pinging your ideas back and forth with you.

Listen in [Couple boggles with the tech on the front-end, but it goes away - phew!]


Insurance Journal podcast with Rick Morgan, Peter van Aartrijk as referenced.

Younger owners doing well… large, forward-thinking brokers doing well…The rest?  Opportunity out there.

Think of the Web site as the busiest office of the agency.

Agents get business from referrals…but are they being found via ‘referred’ searching?

And once they get found, what is the Web site saying?  How do they handle the care-and-feeding of the Web site?

Interesting comments about Agents and Blogging – Wow, POWERFUL stuff!

Great suggestion about finding sales people – people good at solving problems and helping people, not prima-dona producers.

Aartrijk Brand Camp in Chicago.  This is going to be VERY cool.

Word: “You’re good communicators.  Leverage it.”


On deck: Tonya Busic, a diamond in the rough, on Web Usability and other “Progressive” ideas!

In the hole: Steve Snell on the ROI of insurance technology.