A post-script to the PIMA Annual Meeting talk by the panel of insurance company exec’s (see them here).  These leaders addressed the subject of “views on today’s major business and economic issues… as well as opportunities and challenges as they position their own companies for future success.”

They spoke about effective corporate communications, listening to the customer, etc., yet none of them (or their companies) had a Blog!!!  And when I asked about that in the Q&A, they, ummm, stumbled around a bit (see my blog post).

I told a couple of them I’d follow up with some information that would help resolve some of the myths about security and compliance concerns wrt blogs.  Doing that research now…

Curious if you know of any insurance or banking/finance companies that have a corporate blog?  Also interested in any kind of ‘corporate america’/big company blog.  Here are a few I’ve found so far…

Also, what is your take on the reasons they gave?

  1. “Well, we’d like to blog but security and compliance won’t let us…”
  2. “Well, we don’t have the time to blog….”
  3. “Well, we’re not sure who would write the blog and what the content strategy would be…”

Do you have any examples/links to share that add insight into how these issues have been solved?

Thanks a MILLION for any help.  Remember, Lurking is Lame!