Trying something new.  (Please comment below and let me know what you think.  Should I try to capture audio more or less?)


Before the Affinity Trends Panel session at the recent PIMA 2009 Annual Meeting, I set my iPod with mic on top of one of the speakers just to see how the audio would work, recognizing that it probably would not pick up the audience interaction.  Low and behold, it worked pretty good – even the audience sound came through if you crank up the audio for those sound bites!!

Click here to listen in.  Follow-along with the speaker notes as well.  The notes have a lot of extra stuff that we didn’t get to because of time constraints.  Perhaps pass the link to the story around to your team as well – good MarkeTTech-type tactical stuff for the affinity marketing department.

Links to the speaker profiles on Linkedin:

Btw, on the Lurking is Lame front, there are several items mentioned in the discussion that we could chew on, either on this Blog in the Comments or even better in the Linkedin PIMA Group site.  Anyone and everyone:  Please lead out or add content to the ensuing discussions.  We can figure this stuff out….

Hey, Mark Steinmetz with Direct Group stopped by yesterday!  Great conversation.  You guys are doing some really cool stuff with cross-promotional integrated marketing.  Thanks for the info, Mark!  Hope Amy and the kids like the T’s from Hudson, OH