I had the privilege of speaking with two executives with insurance agencies in New England at the 2009 Agents Council on Technology sponsored by the Big “I”, the IIABA – Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. This event was more focused on the Property and Casualty side of insurance, so it was interesting to hear similar struggles as compared to Life and Health.  Important to note, however, that ACT, under the leadership of Jeff Yates, is succeeding in bringing more and more Web-based technologies and standards to the agency-carrier environment.  So kudo’s to Jeff and the leadership team of agent and carrier representatives, as well as the guidance offered by The van Aartrijk Group.

Steve Aronson runs Aronson Insurance, a P&C agency in the Boston area and Mike Foy, Foy Insurance, a multi-location operation dealing in personal lines in NH and Maine, my old stomping ground.  After spending some time talking with Steve and Mike throughout the conference, they seemed to have some savvy ideas on leveraging the Web to stay competitive and drive business opportunity.

Listen in to hear a few astute remarks about leveraging the social Web within the current sales and marketing environment.

Steve: “Gen X and Gen Y – best way to reach them is the Web…it’s about losing opportunities…and gaining opportunities…use of the Yellow Pages is DEAD!”

Mike: Interesting analogy – “…Chamber of Commerce in the past, now can generate leads over the computer – using the same concepts….”

Steve: “…number of Web hits is up 10-fold year over year…but don’t want to sell on price…looking to develop relationships… Blogs…dozens and dozens see the response…spread our reputation…”

Mike: “blogs…use in situations like an ice storm…hurricanes… become a trusted advisor…”

In listening to these guys talk…this would be an interesting podcast.
Thanks to Liz Kittrell for the podcast pictures