Raymond Richard is a guy that really gets it.  And I say that even though he builds most of his Web insurance technology in-house.  So while he may not have best-in-class systems, he has the right concepts in focus.

Listen in to Raymond’s perspectives on some of the essential aspects of an Agency’s Web presence – and what’s at stake if you miss the boat.

“Without technology now you just can’t keep up.”

“Right up there with compensation… a close second… the ease of doing business…even though I [agent] don’t make as much money…able to leverage technology to make more in the long run.”

“Novice…not computer literate…need to find what they want…absorb at different rates…user-friendly…”

Focus points: “compensation, products, service, commitment…  Commitments means resources that you deploy…”

“Average age of the agent is 55 years old.  The trend is moving down.  We are getting new blood into the market..technology-savvy, don’t want paper, direct deposit….”

“…constantly dynamic, not a static environment, have to be investing in your future, takes someone you can partner with that can steer you in the right direction, new and cutting edge technologies…platforms that are sustainable, that work…”

What’s at stake?  “It’s huge.  You have to have a blueprint.  Go about it intelligently.  You get one chance…if you fail, that’s what people remember you by.”

Thanks, Raymond.  As always, great talking with you.

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