Very interesting conference. A few datapoints:

  • Only 56% of agents have Web sites
  • Only 50% have agency management systems
  • Only 29% of agents use the Web for marketing and attracting business

One of the concepts that seem to come up often is interactive communications.  So agents interacting with customers, insureds interacting with insurance companies, agents interacting with companies, associations, each other, etc.  The concept has implications for marketing, operations, certainly sales and referrals, financials, CRM, and people.  Agents and agencies need to get on board with this – URGENT-, but do they have the technical expertise to do these things?  In my opinion, IIABA and the ACT 2.0 Work Group could really serve the industry by hosting a (recorded) series of Webinars on how to leverage the Web to

  • drive revenue and
  • reduce costs and
  • improve customer satisfaction

Perhaps now more than ever is the time to do this?

I was impressed with the passion for these things within the ACT Group.  Btw, if you’re an agent out there, and you want to learn more about technology, this would be a great group to get involved in.  It seems to be geared to mostly P&C lines, but perhaps the L&H agents can add value as well.  Very bright people with a lot of passion for keeping the business healthy.

Heard… “So Mike… taking pictures? Like being on a safari!” “Huh” “Ya..taking pictures of insurance people in their native habitat!!!”

Rick Morgan leading the session

Ideas on why the industry needs to MAKE TIME for the social Web.
Grab my PPT deck here

Two attendees Tweeting the conference – young and …mature

See more pictures here.

Also might post a podcast shortly called “U Snooze U Lose – Why agents need to engage in social media.”