Last September, I volunteered to photograph the Promise Keepers conference in Cleveland, Ohio (see the shots on smugmug if interested, couple on the PK site as well). This past Sunday, the conference GM with PK, a Colorado guy, sent me an invitation to connect on Facebook out of the blue. Pleasantly surprised, I accepted and visited his profile page to see what he was up to. I immediately noticed a recent status update which said “Greg is searching for health insurance for the new company. Ugh.” 11:50pm – Comment I clicked on the comment button… Mike Wise at 7:18am February 10 “I know some folks who specialize in health insurance…” He then sent me a private message explaining that he had left PK and was starting a new gig in Oregon. So OH, CO, now OR. I reached out to a couple friends in the business, one email led to another, and I pointed him to a local Oregon agent… and I got this note back today.

Today at 12:42am


You were a God-send to me today! Since I received this lead all three employees of our new company spoke with the same rep from PBG (over 1 hour each!) and we’re all set with new insurance to start in March!!! She was not only nice to work with, but extremely knowledgeable when it came to the health insurance industry (without using industry speak). A++++++ all the way! Please thank your friends for me for passing along this info….

I’m still processing the chain of events, but at a minimum I find it interesting that this just happened while I have this thread going, as well as presenting at the IIABA conference on Friday about Social Networks and insurance, as well as the PIMA Annual Meeting week after next talking about trends in affinity/association marketing.

I’d REALLY BE CURIOUS as to the learnings from this story about social networks… and insurance? PLEASE COMMENT.