ICMG just keeps getting better.  2009 was the 25th anniversary and set a new record for attendance, the highest since 2001 in Miami – Wow.  The next 25 begins at Westin La Paloma in Tucson – great location.  (I was there in 1985 for one of my best friend’s wedding.)  Lot of interest in the Web and getting it right.  One conversation in particular was telling – an insurance company that has really struggled with the IT department.  The CMO told me about recent successes in developing sorely needed agent-facing tools for lead and customer management as well as quoting and enrollment functionality – after SEVERAL costly and unsuccessful attempts by the IT department over the last 5 years.  They key to success?  NO IT!

Had conversations on tremendous new opportunities all across the map.  Seems industry folks are sensing the crucial nature of Web sites – agent contracting and appointment, agent portal, matrix-driven, content-managed distribution portals, and corporate blogs (interactive Web sites).  VERY encouraging.

Some great alliances with other marketing, licensing, and ancillary support vendors like IdeaStar.  Looking forward to working at those maturing relationships.

The Rest of the Story – found out what really happened with QQLink.  Someday I’ll write a short-story about it – very interesting microcosm of industry dynamics on a number of levels.

Nice podcast with Raymond Richard due out later next week.  Thoughts on a Web presence for a large IMO…

Thanks to all who made the conference a tremendously positive experience; and all the industry veterans who created the concept 25 years ago.  GREAT WORK!

Got some pictures along the way – all posted to smugmug.  ICMG even used some of the pictures as a montage on the last morning of the conference – pretty neat.  Good to see so many attendees took the chance to get a picture with Terry Bowden.

As I said in my 30-second commercial when I banged the microphone on my forehead, “I’ve seen your Web sites.  You need to give me a call.”  Ask me about my free offer!

Blue Herron taking off (click to enlarge)

Good look at a croc

Not sure what the heck this guy is

Held the camera up facing backward from my seat

With Jonathan Yee and player to be named later

Cool pic coming down the escalator…

People checking the photo and product boards

Relaxing during the hole-in-one contest photo shoot

Lucky shot.  Any guesses on the wildlife?

A favorite from the golf contest –

Rhett Chenevert, Lifeline Screening – a Cleveland company

See more pictures from the conference here.