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Favorite Work-related Events 2008

ICMG Golf Outingtwice!  Thanks to Raymond Richard for the first, and Paul Andres with FTJ for the second.  And that’s where I met new client Kevin Leys with Meridian, who later won the PIMA MMC Award for eCommerce Web sites.  Very very cool.

PIMA MarkeTTech – Esurance and the Social Web.  Thanks to Kristin Brewe, Sara Holoubek, Danielle Knopf, and Eric Tisch once again.  MarkeTTech 2008 rocked! (If I may say so myself!)

AMBest EFusion Virtual Conference – got to see close-up some great new insurance technologies on display, got to talk about insurance and the social Web with Charles Wasilewski, reinforced some relationships, favorite learning conference of the year for me.

PIMA NewportGolf at NCC with Kevin Leys (with Zach Wise spotting and shooting pics), AHIP Preso (especially the reference to LTCi), some great new connections including new client Insurance Specialists Inc.

Coffee(s) in NYC with Sara Holoubek and Al Drowne – outstanding conversations (and location) in preparation for MarkeTTech 2008, some great pictures, and terrific networking.

PIMA Cancun – enjoyed playing the George Bode attaboy video at the end of the conference, met future client Rick Leonard with LTCR, and had a great time with Diane and Kelle.

Favorite Work-related Stories 2008

Groundbreaking Launch of

Social Networks – Linkedin, Facebook

Social Media – Blog Development, Podcasts, Vidcasts

Favorite Work-related Pictures 2008

Medicare Advantage Conference Moon shot

Cancun shot

Sara Holoubek shot

Kristin Brewe shot

Favorite Movies 2008

  • Dark Knight … in Newport at PIMA
  • Ironman – very very kool
  • Incredible Hulk – reminded me of watching the TV show with my dad
  • Fireproof – great flick about marriage
  • Four Christmases – almost fell out of my seat laughing
  • Marley – reminded me of my Irish Wolfhound growing up
  • YES MAN! – just saw this… something personally impacting about this.

Looking ahead to 2009

Deeper into Social Networks – understanding and using Linkedin, Facebook and MySpace

Expanding into new markets- sorry (to my worthy competitors), this is going to be a covert op

IIABA ACT preso – looking to the future on the social Web, agents, and insurance marketing – should be interesting.

PIMA Board of Directors – Watch out!  Here I come.  3-year term starts after the 09 Annual Meeting.

Jesse Slome MedSupp Conference

Jump-start a few Blogs – Here’s one that rolling…attaboy Chris Jones.  Ton of potential there.

A great new initiative with a major LTCi player.

More pictures for sure.  Starting to learn music videos.  See first attempt here.

A big thanks to readers.  Can I encourage you to comment more often – and perhaps start your own blogs?  Improve the richness of the conversation.  Think of your blog as a newspaper column or a newsletter.  It’s fun, a great learning environment, and oh so useful in so many ways.  A team blog is an extremely effective tool on many levels.  Happy to help in any way.


A favorite ornament

THE favorite ornament - thanks to mother-in-law!