In spite of, or perhaps because of, the economic environment, things are starting to go into hyper-drive – at least for me anyway.  A few notes while I have a couple seconds to come up for air…

ICMG next week!  Went to my first in 2004 at Aventura.  So this is my 5th and it’s the 25th Anniversary Meeting.  Yes!  Orlando is looking mighty nice right about now.  (Been snowy and cold here in Cleveland for what seems like weeks.)  Got a bunch of people to see, some people I’ve connected in and invited, bringing along new IdeaStar associate Jamey Polak who has a bunch of his own connections, my boss is going, a raft of clients will be there, and I’m hoping my evangelizing of all things Web these past five years will bear even greater fruit beyond what we’ve done for some of these clients.

Oh yeah, I’m also taking pictures as I have the last two years.  This year I’ll be camped out on the Hole-in-One 11th Tee to see if I can get the swing of the attendee that aces the hole and wins $20,000.  Might be VERY exciting!

I’m also giving away a free service to the first 15 people who raise their hand – a free analysis of a Web site….  Why it stinks – uh…suffers, how to improve it, and current best practices that would really super-charge it.

Lastly, I ran a non-scientific survey of some ICMG members a couple months ago.  Not sure if I ever called attention to it on the blog.  Here it is.  Some very interesting data-points.  Especially like the reference to “table stakes” – right on, whoever wrote that…

One more thing – ask me about my first “Mobile” quote engine – term life.  I’ll show it to you on my Treo.  Wayne, you guys kick-it!  My worthy competitors – better get one.  In-house IT guys: Got one of those???!


I read on Twitter today that the White House has a new BLOG!!! It’s a start, but it’s not set up right.  Seriously!  Everyone knows that President Obama used Facebook, Linkedin, and his own campaign site very effectively during the campaign.  Looks like he’s sticking with technology for the presidency as well.  So insurance companies and agencies… perhaps follow suit and get your own Blog up to speed.  I’ve got an awesome solution: $4,995 and 4 weeks, state-of-the-art team blog, or call it “an interactive Web site built on blog technology”.  It doesn’t even have to say ‘blog’ anywhere.  Here’s a couple examples:    spinfield insuranti Another one launching in 4 weeks as a matter of fact!


Speaking of Twitter, highly recommend that anyone involved in marketing and sales of anything, get on Twitter and start tweeting.  I’m just getting rolling, so you can follow me here – happy to snowplow the road in front.  But get started – at least grab your name before someone else does.  Certainly reserve your company name before you have to buy it from someone.  It’s amazing to see the names that are still available… Book I’m reading on it all: Twitter Revolution.  I’ll be talking about it at the ACT Conference as well as the PIMA Annual Meeting (hey that’s my picture!) in the panel discussion on marketing trends.


Does Linkedin Rock! or what?  Tell you what – If you’re not in there everyday doing something, you’re missing the boat.  And spare us the inane line, “I don’t have time for that.”  Yeah, no kidding – but you MAKE the time for the important things, right?  Linkedin is definitely one of those.  Did you know they just added polling?  I started using Tripit, of course the Blog feature, the ICMG and PIMA groups are rocking, I’ve got my sights set on 400 connections (and yes, these are people I know, not just random connections), and there’s cool new stuff on the horizon.

Next post: ICMG2009, Omni Orlando Resort  YES!


Pictures… My cousin sent me a few shots from the family archives.  Too funny!

A video skit I did with my brother and his best friend… they killed me twice!

I’m the one on the left – 1968 maybe?!?

That’s an awesome hat, man.  Ear flaps for the Jaffrey, NH winter!

Cool use of double exposure on film.  Scott Brown, you rocked!