“…insurers are likely to be opportunistic in their technology investments.”

My opinion, this article really lays out the industry’s marching orders with respect to the Web and marketing Web sites given the current state of the economy (bad), the current state of Web-based insurance marketing technology (“woefully behind the times” -SW, AIG), and the current utilization of the Web for almost any and everything (high and increasing).   Having been writing on these subjects for 4 years now (yep, 02/01/05 was my first post to this blog), I feel a little like Randy Quaid in Independence Day when the aliens finally showed up… “Good God! I’ve been sayin’ it. I’ve been sayin’ it for ten damn years. Ain’t I been sayin’ it, Miguel? Yeah, I’ve been sayin’ it.”  LOL :-)

“Insurance technology organizations will likely curtail many “nice to have” initiatives, but they will move with greater focus on core initiatives and customer-facing capabilities, and they will drive forward with increasing urgency neglected areas…”

Can I just add one thing?  There’s no room for mistakes.  There’s no room for guessing, for on-the-job-training with un-proven IT resources having limited experience with Web usability, user experience, etc.  If there is a high-profile job that needs to be done, especially one that is geared to drive top-line revenue gains, insurance enrollments, association member applications, agent adoption, agent recruiting, etc., etc., it’s critical to engage people that have – as much as possible – “been there, done that, take a look at this.”  If your potential resource for design and development of the new technology can’t pull up a Web site that has similar functionality or structure or purpose, then KEEP LOOKING – or keep your Linkedin profile updated for when the project crashes and burns and your picture goes up on the boardroom dartboard.


Cool picture I had to grab – lucky I had my camera.  Extremely rare sight for this time of year in Northeast Ohio…

Sunrise on the way to HCC Sat am Bible Study

Sunrise on the way to HCC Sat am Bible Study