We’re a week and half down range from PIMA MarkeTTech. Too many thoughts. Too many conversations. All good, well mostly all, just a lot of stuff.

In that time, I’ve seen a TON of activity among PIMA members on Linkedin – none too soon. That’s good.

I also shared, with her permission, some of the essentials of Kristin Brewe‘s talk at PIMA with the AM Best EFusion Audience in a Webinar called “Is the Web Out of Control?” See and hear my talk here. You’ll even see my office. Yes, that’s AM Best EFusion artwork in the background from 2004. I know – I’m nuts!

Speaking of AM Best, one of the recent presenters, John Pogas with AON Affinity, gave a great talk on Value-Centric E-Commerce. The thing I want to mention is the comments he made about IT Departments. “The biggest mistake a lot of organizations make is they tend to use the expertise from the IT department.” Read and listen to the point he makes on that. I’m really feeling ‘done’ with being frustrated with IT departments inside insurance companies. Instead, I’m going to make a new effort to start reaching out to them, partnering on insurance technology projects, even if they want to host in-house. Look for more posts on that down the road.

In an unrelated comment, heard this on a conference call today – stopped me.  In describing the current state of the insurance industry: ” Male, Pale, & Stale” -PvA  YIKES!  Ummm – yeah, I guess so.  I feel like Randy Quaid in Independence Day when the aliens finally show up, “I’ve been saying that for 10 DAMN YEARS!”  LOL .

So much more to say… More later… Hey, we had the first snowfall this week.  Should be a white Thanksgiving.