Kristin Brewe absolutely hit a grand slam with her opening Keynote talk at PIMA MarkeTTech about Erin Esurance and leveraging the social Web. Suffice it to say that, with an advertising and marketing budget that is a fraction of its competitors, Esurance is in solid third place with brand recognition and online quotes. They’ve merged online and offline marketing events (and vice-versa), they’ve leveraged their hard-core fans to solve customer service problems, and they’re getting tremendous buzz in MySpace and YouTube. Check it out. IT WORKS!!!

So I took a moment between things to go a little deeper on a subject near and dear to my heart – conversions. Once you get someone’s attention, what are some of the keys to consummating the sale? Kristin had some interesting things to say. As expected, it all kind of works together.

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Click here to listen to Kristin Brewe’s thoughts on conversions.