I’m excited! PIMA MarkeTTech is only 4 weeks away. Can’t wait. So I took a few moments to catch up with our opening Keynote speaker, Kristin Brewe. Have you heard of Erin Esurance, the female action hero from the TV commercials? Quote-Buy-Print, solving crime and selling insurance! It’s a very cool and savvy campaign that has kicked Esurance up to the same category as Geico and Progressive – on a MUCH smaller budget. Couple interesting points… “Each impression has to count for 20 for us.” “We in the insurance business have to let go…” Check it out.

Looking ahead to MarkeTTech, my hope is that PIMA members will pick up some golden nuggets from Kristin’s talk, as well as the following panel discussion on Social Networks featuring Kristin, Aimee Higgins with MySpace, Danielle Knopf with Deep Focus, and moderated by Sara Holoubek, social networking consultant. Come with questions and comments – this seems like one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Click here to hear comments from Kristin Brewe, Director – Brand & Public Relations, Esurance.

By the way, here’s the picture I mention in the podcast!

One more thing… One of my son’s ROTC buddies snapped this picture last week – a download from Facebook. Zach Wise is the one looking back at the camera. Love that shot! Proud of you, Zach! ;-)