New LinkedIn stuff

Did you see the raft of cool new Applications released on Linkedin this week? I’ve already embedded my Blog posts into my Linkedin profile. I have also joined a private Huddle Workspace – seems like a Wiki. Also like the Travel tool and the Reading List tool sponsored by Amazon. Might be time to upgrade my account. Can’t recommend Linkedin highly enough.

AMA Webinar on Communities

According to Groundswell, Communities solve one of four marketing problems in today’s world – accessibility. If you have a hard time reaching your audience with your message, building a community for your audience seems effective according to a couple case studies in the book. So when I got an email blast from the American Marketing Association called, “10 Reasons to Build an Online Community in 2009″, it caught my attention. Here’s a link. Sounds helpful.

My Webinar w/AMBest

Working on a Webinar for A.M. Best about how insurers are using the Web. If you have any insights that might be considered especially innovative, I’d like to hear from you. If you get a chance, check out the first EFusion presentation (should be posted here shortly) – some REALLY good stuff.

Interesting article. LOVE the picture. The article makes a point: Due to economic turmoil… wrt the insurance company’s IT spend… “It’s not freezing IT projects, but it’s less tolerant of risk. ‘The bar goes a little higher,’ John says.” Read the article for the whole context. I’m GLAD they’re raising the bar and being less tolerant of risk. So before selecting the internal IT department for a high-stakes Web site, does it make sense to assess their credentials and recent track record? Is it less risky to do a Web front-end project using in-house Web developers versus outsourcing to a Web development company? I have my own opinions for sure, but curious on other opinions.

Next week: PIMA MarkeTTech – SOLD OUT in the midst of travel bans, etc. Very cool.