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Judge for yourself, but based on everything I’ve seen around the industry, FTJ looks like ground-breaking site architecture.

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Short-term thinking – IMHO.

Quick story…. Was working on a potential opportunity to develop a cutting edge new broker portal for an individual medical carrier (sorry no names – but trust me – true story). So I get an email last week saying, “ABC (and most other major carriers) reduced its ’08 earnings forecast and thus, began cutting costs. …. We’re doing the same on the ABC LOB side of the house for the broker portal, and likely other tools, as well. Will keep you posted if things change.”

So I sent a reply, “So cutting costs… as in inefficient paper-based processes and leveraging incredibly inexpensive Web processes?!?!” Tongue-in-cheek to be sure, but you know what I mean.

The insightful reply, “Ha! As you know, the trouble with spending money to save money, is the savings aren’t typically realized within the current or next immediate fiscal quarter. Wall Street has a severe case of ADHD, so what seems logical and reasonable isn’t always what gets approved and implemented. The market’s ADHD is exacerbated when companies don’t hit their forecasts, so long-term thinking within the company has been spanked and sent to bed without any supper. The good news is that free markets are fluid, and this too, shall pass.”

I can’t put my finger on thoughts… trying to digest the concepts. Of course, I understand. I guess I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a silver bullet that can end this repetitive, downward spiral carriers seem to be in relative to Web technology. With the coming administration, whoever that may be, I would be surprised if any good news comes from that front. We’ve got to get a handle on this – and fast.

Any suggestions? “GRAY, JACK! The world is GRAY.”


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