Postlude to the Social Networks series: Interesting article on Corporate Blogging and how it can lead to NEW BUSINESS! I’ll go further than that. I got a call this week from a major player in a major insurance category who found me via a Google search on ‘online insurance quoting’. I came up in third place on his natural results. I was happy to get that call.

We had a major launch three weeks ago now. (Been busy!) Check it out. I’m in the process of writing a white paper on the underpinnings of the site because it seems to be ground-breaking. It really seems like we have moved a category to a higher ground with this site. I could be out in left field, but I haven’t run across anything quite like it yet.

Here are some stats:

30+ carriers
80+ associations
100+ products
thousands of members

All of this complexity is being administered through the site. Online, e-signature enrollments are available in core products. Other products have links to fillable pdf’s, standard pdf’s, brochures, or external links – with tracking for commissions. Of course, best-practices were used for high-conversion rates on the e-signature workflows. Almost everything seems to be in place. And Phase Two has some very interesting ideas. I must say that even though this site took almost a year to develop, test, and launch (with adversity of course), I’m not sure there’s another company out there that could have pulled it off in the timeframe and budget we did, especially not the IT department, no disrespect intended, just candid observations.

On a personal note, saw my youngest graduate from High School last weekend. Been working on a music video, a collection of accumulated pictures set to three sound-tracks. It’s a bittersweet time.

The Graduate

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