Part Three:

Private Networks –

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Embedded – customizable, plug-and-play utilities

Some possible sources of SN software to plug into your site…

Lots of others…some open-source

Starting conversations, seeding conversations — What are some do’s and don’t's?

Moderating — should the good, the bad, and the ugly all remain on the site? Will users see through it if only the positive comments are left in view?

Didn’t SN’s used to be called Forums?

Not everything goes nuts right away. The activity ebbs and flows — that’s OK, right?

Some comments are out in left field, some aren’t. Some Social Networks rate content and the subject matter experts so that different SME’s are more highly valued than others. Interesting concept that makes sense.

Common Objections I’ve heard:

What about negative comments if we did something bad/wrong? We don’t want people slamming us on our own site?!!?! Any thoughts?

What about compliance — user-generated content on company-sponsored pages? Are Disclaimers enough to keep the lawyers at bay?

What about “Profile Burnout” — will people be constantly creating profiles in order to play in the game? If it’s important, yes! I’ve heard there is an increasing volume on the need for standards within Social Networks so that people can maintain one profile and link-in the data into the various networks they join.

Btw, LinkedIn — I just read: more than 20 million registered users. (source: Wikipedia)

A book recommendation from Bill Tyson, Ampac. Scroll down the search results to see others.


I sat on a panel discussion here in Cleveland last week. All about the evolution of Web content. See more here…(PPT slides coming soon to the Web Association site)

Please comment on any of this.