At the 2008 PIMA Annual Meeting in Cancun, I also had the chance to connect with Jim Gallagher. Jim is one of the top guys with AIA, an Agency in Columbus (last year we heard from Jeff Roedel from the same Agency at the 07 Annual Meeting) focused on the Alumni insurance affinity market.

I find Jim’s comments interesting in that Alumni Associations seem to be a great affinity group, but I’m also seeing alumni groups forming in Facebook and MySpace, only more specific to graduation class years. I’m also seeing the rise of independent alumni sites like , as well as corporate alumni sites like So it’s interesting what’s happening.

Listen in to Jim’s comments about Social networks, trusted advisors, and user-generated content. The cool thing is that we can look back to this conversation in 24 months as Jim takes the helm of PIMA and see where some of these issues stand at that point. Thanks Jim.

Click here to hear a few insights from Jim Gallagher, SVP, AIA.