The 2008 PIMA Annual Meeting was outstanding. At the meeting, in the blur of activity, I found the time to do a podcast with Chris Burke. To give you a little background, Chris runs AMA Insurance Agency, the insurance brokerage for the AMA, American Medical Association. As a tech savvy guy, Chris stepped into a great opportunity a couple years ago – a solid brokerage that hadn’t aggressively gone after technology in its business processes and marketing.

Chris has done some amazing things since then. At the conference, Chris gave a presentation on Kaizen and process improvement (see picture). Based on side conversations, the content was very well-received. And Chris has some outstanding ideas for a digital strategy that might possibly serve as great case studies for other PIMA members looking to leverage technology to reach the new consumer.

Click here to hear a few insights from Chris Burke, President, AMA Insurance Agency.

Chris talking about how competitive pressures and the market drives pricing today.

So we need to manage costs – thus technology!

Action shot!
Photo: David Olsen

Poolside conversation about what’s happening in the market. Nice spot – click to enlarge.
Photo: Kelle Wise

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