Call me crazy, but I’m starting to get the power of Social Networks. I’ve been watching my kids use MySpace and now Facebook for the last year or so – posting pictures, poking friends, coordinating events, staying in touch with friends that have moved, even making posts from the car when we were on trips! Very cool.

Then over the holidays, an old friend from High School clued me into LinkedIn and the genius of it. Web-enabling the concept of 6 Degrees of Separation. OK, now I get it and I’m pursuing it with my usual vigor when I get excited about something. The thing is, “Yes, I want to enlarge my network for professional reasons (bizdev, future job-ops, etc.), but equally important is the chance to learn first hand about Social Networks.”

So browse around see my “public profile” and when you’re there, search for people, search for companies, search for keywords, locations, schools, etc. It’s amazing what’s going on. Like I said, call me crazy, but I think there’s something going on here.


Have you ever gone to a site like Google, Amazon, and all of the sudden you see content that is specific to your region of the country? Click on this Google search. Notice that some of the paid-search Ad’s on the right will have a geographic term like Ohio. I found out recently that you can buy an open-source widget that facilitates geo-targeting. Now that’s really cool. So one of my clients sells life insurance to army guys – OK, good target market, motivated buyers! (Hey, my son is Army ROTC, so I’m buying some.) Idea: Let’s run a paid search on “life insurance” and target geographies with heavy army populations. DC, NC, TX, etc. You can get even more narrow than that. Good stuff. Gotta love the Web.


Couple favorite pictures from shooting this week. Here’s more.